Director's Message

My earliest memories are mostly small moments: sharing a giant salad with my mom while she read a pile of books to me in front of the radiator, the full feeling in my chest when I finally figured out how to blow my first bubble gum bubble, laying down on my belly on my great-uncle’s dock next to my brother as we ooo-ed and ahh-ed at the different creatures swimming under us within arm’s reach. As an educator, I am very aware of how it is in the moments when a child’s genuine interest is peaked where the real learning happens. The miracles are all around us, the learning opportunities abound. When your child attends Assumption Preschool, you can expect them to come home talking about their seemingly inconsequential, “ooo and ahh” moments. My wish is that you will recognize that for what it is: your child has not only learned something about the world around them, but she or he has learned how exciting it is to learn about the world around them!

-Bethany Stempert

Simple Ways to Go Green

Waiting to drop off or pick a child up from school or another activity? Don't forget to turn your car off! Idling while waiting increases gas emissions in the air. Save money on gas and help the environment at the same time!

Visit and go green at lunch time with reusable sandwich and snack bags!