Director's Message

Wonder and awe. Many believe that God gifted us with wonder and awe through the Holy Spirit. It enhances our ability to recognize God's greatness and, in my mind, the endless beauty of our earthly world. As an educator, I cannot separate the connection between this gift from God and its importance in teaching young children. Instilling a sense of wonder (and awe) in young children is crucial if we are to help them develop critical and analytical thinking skills. The great minds of our world answer complex and difficult questions, but first, they must ASK these questions. Why do apples fall from trees, why does the sun rise and set every day? Where does it go? As an educator, particularly as one who appreciates the miracles all around us, I recognize the importance of answering children's questions with more questions, not always giving them the answers. I recognize the importance of posing questions such as, why is the picnic table shiny this morning or how did the BIG pumpkin end up on our play ground? Then I have the pleasure of seeing God's greatness as I watch the wheels turning in my young students' awesome minds!

-Andrea Powell

Simple Ways to Go Green

Waiting to drop off or pick a child up from school or another activity? Don't forget to turn your car off! Idling while waiting increases gas emissions in the air. Save money on gas and help the environment at the same time!

Visit and go green at lunch time with reusable sandwich and snack bags!