Dramatic Play area

The dramatic play area is devoted to the development of language and literacy. Letter formation with Handwriting Without Tears materials and dramatic role playing are just a few of the meaningful activities that take place in this space.


Visual Arts area 

This portion of the classroom offers children the opportunity to engage in child-generated and/or guided art experiences, as well as painting on a daily basis. Our art center is based on the atelier found in Reggio Emilia schools.


Math & Science Area

This portion of the classroom is dedicated to math and science experiences. As such, it houses our extensive collection of math and science manipulatives and our light table! Other materials that support scientific and mathamatical thinking, such as cars and ramps, wooden blocks, and animals are also housed in another part of the classroom.


Sensory Area

Our sand and water tables, as well as our play dough table are found in this space. We rotate materials in the sand and water tables on a regular basis. The children can build their fine motor skills and dabble in the visual arts while working with play dough every day.



Our playground features a climbing structure, sand box and tricycle track! Time outside allows the children to connect with nature, as well as develop their large motor and social skills.